RC-Network Open F3F

RC-Network Open F3F

RC-Network Open F3F 2015

Hallo, Salut and Welcome to the RC-Network Open F3F page.

On this page, you will find the basic information for the F3F-Slope-Competition organized by Jacky Kugler (France) and Tobias Reik (Germany) from 28.08. - 30.08.2015 at the Vosges (France).

The registration will open at 01.02.2015 18:00 CET / UTC+1 (Central European Time)

The competition is limited to 40 participants.
There will be a quota for Germany (max. 10 Pilots), France (max. 10 Pilots), International (20 Pilots).
The quotas will be maintained for 2 weeks, then all available slots will be filled up from the waiting list by registration date.

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