RC-Network Open F3F

RC-Network Open F3F

Day 3 and final Result

On Day 3 we where able to fly 5 more Rounds in up to 15m/s on the east Slope.

At the End the Winners where:


  1. Czech Team (Radovan Plch, Richard Kohl, Tomas Winkler)
  2. Schwaben (Tobias Reik, Armin Hortzitz, Christian Fiedler)
  3. F3F Swiss Pilots (Markus Meissner, Stefan von Ah, Peter Würmli)


  1. Radovan Plch (CZE)
  2. Tobias Reik (GER)
  3. Frits Donker Duyvis (NED)

The complete Results are online at F3Xvault available: http://www.f3xvault.com/?action=event&function=event_view&event_id=949

Tomas Winkler from the Czech Team also published his pictures at google+ - Thank you for that, Tomas !


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